Let The Divorce Case be your last case!

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By Lauren Peacock

Let The Divorce Case be your last case!

Learn More!

By Lauren Peacock

The Good Kind of Baggage

Who Knew Moving On Could Be So Fun?

The monthly “case”, column and community is specifically designed for women who are currently going through or have gone through a divorce. This can also be gifted to a friend, family member or someone you know who is going through a divorce.

The monthly boxes ship out twice a month depending on when your subscription starts. Currently we are only offering subscriptions within the United States.


Subscription Plans

Monthly Subscription Box (5-7 items) + Column + Exclusive Online Community

What’s Included?

The Case

Divorces can be tough! That’s why I’ve hand selected items to give YOU the emotional break that you need. All the items have a purpose behind them. You’ll find activities to take your mind off stressful days, relaxation products, must-have snacks, and other items that I had or wish I had when I was going through my divorce.


The Column

Here I write weekly articles on topics like sleep hygiene, self care, dealing with family and trauma, solo getaways, and more… because when all is said and done, there are times when you really just need to escape into a good read and maybe have a laugh at something relatable. Who knows, maybe you’ll learn something too?


The Community

Yeah, yeah, I know. How many “communities” are there out there? But… the point of the D-Deck’s exclusive community for women is not only to lean on each other for support but… to have fun. This isn’t about sitting around in a circle and talking about our feelings ALL the time. Yes, your emotional journey is important, but this is about also knowing when to hang up the therapy hat and just have some good ol’ fashioned conversations about normal life. You know, the stuff that you did that made you YOU? Don’t worry though, I definitely want to bring you some great resources geared towards this new chapter in your life so look out for materials & videos from public figures, therapists, advisors, and more as we navigate all of this together!


Hi. My name is Lauren Peacock, I am the creator of The Divorce Case. I remember when I first filed for divorce. The emotions were heavy, confusing, overwhelming, filled with some relief, and many things I couldn’t put into words. I also felt as if there was some sort of Scarlet D on me forever. The months to follow were a rollercoaster of unusual events that I couldn’t decide if I loathed or I loved. Figuring out which status on my dating profile fit best: separated or divorced? “Which makes you most appealing?”, I jabbed to myself, as I crawled back into bed with a bottle of wine and hid under the covers and sobbed to myself about how undateable I probably was now. I couldn’t tell if the constant stinging in my eyes was from the TV screen on every day while I watched murder shows or if it was from the copious amounts of crying I was doing... I was probably in need of “tear cream”. I’m sharing some of...

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Frequently Asked Questions

What Is The Refund Policy?

We do not issue refunds on already shipped boxes. If you’d like to cancel your subscription please login to your portal and do so before your auto renewal. Monthly memberships auto renew each month on the day you subscribed. Please cancel before then so you are not charged. If you have a 6 month membership and have not yet been billed for your bi-monthly installment, please cancel before then. If you have already paid for your annual membership and are not satisfied, please contact support@thedivorcecase.com .

What Happens If My Products Arrive Damaged?

If your products or box has arrived damaged, please contact customer service at support@thedivorcecase.com and we will sort the matter out immediately.

Can I Return An Item?

If an item arrives damaged, we will gladly exchange or replace it.Please contact support@thedivorcecase.com . We do not accept returns on opened or used items.

How Do I Join The Online Community?

Instructions on how to join the private community group will be sent to you via email.

I Got The Wrong Case This Month, Do I Send It Back?

Oh no! No need to send it back. Feel free to share the items with some friends. Contact support@thedivorcecase.com and we’ll send the correct box out to you right away.

How Much Is Shipping?

Shipping is a flat fee of $4, which is not included in your case cost. Shipping costs more than what you’re charged, but we pay the rest.

How Do I Pause My Subscription?

Heading out of town? Won’t be home? No worries. You can login to your portal and choose an option to pause your subscription.

What’s included in The Divorce Case Subscription?

The Divorce Case is a monthly subscription box (5-7 items) for women going through all different stages of divorce. Every month you will receive your box, you’ll have access to Lauren’s weekly column filled with articles geared towards self care, family and trauma, and helpful tips like how to shake my ex like a professional. You’ll also get to be a part of an exclusive online community with access to videos, speakers, therapists and more.

I’m Not Divorced, But I Want To Gift This To Someone Who Is Going Through A Divorce. How Do I Do That?

This is a great gift for someone going through a divorce! At check out, select the gifting tab, from there it will instruct you to designate who it is for and you can even leave a personal message.

How Do I Cancel My Membership?

If you would like to cancel your membership, you will need to do so before your membership monthly, 3 month or 6 month membership renews.. If you cancel, you will no longer receive your monthly box, you also will lose access to the column and the exclusive online community. Please login to your portal, click manage, then subscription settings, and then click on cancel my subscription.

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