Hi. My name is Lauren Peacock,

I am the creator of The Divorce Case. I remember when I first filed for divorce. The emotions were heavy, confusing, overwhelming, filled with some relief, and many things I couldn’t put into words. I also felt as if there was some sort of Scarlet D on me forever. The months to follow were a rollercoaster of unusual events that I couldn’t decide if I loathed or I loved. Figuring out which status on my dating profile fit best: separated or divorced? “Which makes you most appealing?”, I jabbed to myself, as I crawled back into bed with a bottle of wine and hid under the covers and sobbed to myself about how undateable I probably was now. I couldn’t tell if the constant stinging in my eyes was from the TV screen on every day while I watched murder shows or if it was from the copious amounts of crying I was doing… I was probably in need of “tear cream”.

I’m sharing some of these moments with you because I want you to know that no matter what you might be going through in your own divorce story, you are not alone. I came up with this subscription case specifically for women going through a divorce, about to go through a divorce, or who have just gotten a divorce. Each month, a wonderful case will arrive with items that are meant to make you feel better about you. It is meant to take you away from the situation and the emotions that you are currently wallowing in, allow you to focus on positive next steps in the journey you are about to go on, and also become part of an amazing community (the D-Deck) of fellow divorce’s. I look forward to hearing about your stories and I will be here along with you every step of the way!

Stay strong (like Vin Diesel’s body),

Lauren Peacock