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Let The Divorce Case be your last case!

Our monthly “case”, column and community is specifically designed for women who are currently going through or have gone through a divorce. This can also be gifted to someone who is going through a divorce.
Our monthly boxes ship on or near the 5th of the month. Order by the 31st to reserve the current month’s box. Packages arrive at most US addresses within just a few days of shipping.

Subscription Plans

Monthly Subscription Box (5-7 items) + Column + Exclusive Online Community

Shipping $4 all across the US.

What’s in the box?

What’s Included?

The Case

Divorces can be tough! That’s why I’ve hand selected items to give YOU the emotional break that you need. All the items have a purpose behind them. You’ll find activities to take your mind off stressful days, relaxation products, must-have snacks, and other items that I had or wish I had when I was going through my divorce.


The Column

Here I write weekly articles on topics like sleep hygiene, self care, dealing with family and trauma, solo getaways, and more… because when all is said and done, there are times when you really just need to escape into a good read and maybe have a laugh at something relatable. Who knows, maybe you’ll learn something too?


The Community

Yeah, yeah, I know. How many “communities” are there out there? But… the point of the D-Deck’s exclusive community for women is not only to lean on each other for support but… to have fun. This isn’t about sitting around in a circle and talking about our feelings ALL the time. Yes, your emotional journey is important, but this is about also knowing when to hang up the therapy hat and just have some good ol’ fashioned conversations about normal life. You know, the stuff that you did that made you YOU? Don’t worry though, I definitely want to bring you some great resources geared towards this new chapter in your life so look out for materials & videos from public figures, therapists, advisors, and more as we navigate all of this together!