How To Tell Your Family To Leave You Alone

Yes, yes. I know I just complained about wondering where my friends were and now I’m asking people to leave. There is a difference. 

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    Where The Hell Are My Friends?

    I don’t know about y’all, but is it starting to feel like a ghost town up in here? At least that’s how it was feeling for me a few weeks into my divorce. Once the dust settled and the rumor mill had stopped production for summer break, it seemed all was quiet on my block and the phone wasn’t ringing....

    How To Handle Your First Wedding You’re Invited To

    Weddings. Meh. I’ve been through 3 of my own. (yes, 3). Confused since i’ve only been married twice? Well, one was a little celebration across the pond for family and friends after the fact, and they are still stressful whether you’re the one throwing or attending. After a certain age, does anyone really, truly like going to weddings? If you...

    Can’t Sleep? Divorce Got You Burning The Midnight Oil?

    So you can’t sleep. No need to stress about it. This isn’t brand new information. Many people going through a divorce have trouble sleeping, so understand that what you are feeling is completely normal. You can sleep tight knowing that now I’m sure, LOL.  I remember when I was telling people I was having trouble sleeping. The responses I got...


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