Where Do I Sell My Wedding Ring?

One of the things I contemplated for a couple of months was if I wanted to sell my wedding ring & engagement ring or not. I didn’t need the money, but was I ready to let go of what the rings stood for and all the memories behind it, even if there were some bad ones attached? I didn’t even know where to begin with where to sell or how to sell. A friend of mine had mentioned an idea of turning the rings into an necklace, but if you see pictures of me, you’ll notice I rarely wear necklaces. I also wasn’t sure if that was bad luck. I wanted to do more research on that. I definitely didn’t want to give away good diamonds if they could be used for something. When all was said and done, I decided to compromise. I sold my engagement ring, and I kept my wedding band to make my own piece of “art”. 

If you’re planning on selling:

  • Online. No matter which option you plan on going with, know that you will never get what you (or your spouse) paid for or what you think it’s really worth, so be prepared for that. The best site that takes the least commission is Abe Mor. They are reliable, safe, and efficient. Another option is Worthy. They take a little bit higher commission depending on the piece of jewelry, but they are still reliable and safe. I would stay away from Ebay and Craigslist. Scammers and too much can go very very wrong. I do not believe it is the safest place for an item as delicate as this. Trust your inner gut on this one. 
  • Jewelry Stores. I sold mine at the local jewelry shop in town. The jeweler was a friend inner circle and priced my ring out in a very fair manner. I caution you to do your research about Jewelers and shops in your area before going into a store. These Jewelers buy diamonds at wholesale, you may get a better deal online. Compare prices from each first before making a final decision. If the jewelry store is willing to offer you a price you like, the transaction may be a quick one. Please stay away from Pawn shops. You won’t make anything there. 
  • Private Sale. If anyone you know is in the market to buy a ring, this is an excellent way to do a safe and fair transaction. This may take a little longer as you don’t know who in your inner or outer circles may be getting engaged or know people in the market for diamonds. 


If you decide to sell your diamond, that money could go towards a number of things! I used mine towards a trip to Europe. Don’t be afraid to spend it on yourself. If you have kids or there are bills to pay, I understand it might be best to put it towards savings. But remember, it is ok to use a small amount to treat yourself to a nice dinner out as a party of one! You deserve it!  If you decide to keep your rings, there are many jewelers and designers out there who can create those diamond earrings you’ve always wanted. The gentleman I used for selling and recreation of jewelery: Greg McMahon. Whatever you decide to do, just like that coffee mug, you’re going to shine BRIGHTER than that diamond! 

Stay Strong,

Lauren Peacock  

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